Why CDs, e-learning won’t bring fluency

Mind you, as far as the English fluency development process is concerned, true “learning by doing” happens only when you do the “doing” in real-life situations... And not when you go through the motions of “doing” in simulated situations (in classrooms or in an e-learning environment or an audio-visual environment). This is because trying to learn something by pretending to do it is not the same as “learning by doing”.

So mind you, any amount of English speech practice you may do (in classrooms or in an e-learning or audio-visual setting) is not really “learning by doing”. Please be clear about this.

Of course, classroom learning, e-learning and audio-visual learning can help you to speak one-line English — to some extent: One-line questions, one-line replies, one-line statements, one-line instructions...

But true fluency is something else: You can call yourself truly fluent in English only when you can speak continuously. At length. In detail. That too, in newer and newer situations. Even in situations you’ve had no training in.

Mind you, classroom learning or e-learning or audio-visual learning can’t help you acquire that skill. No. No cassettes or CDs or videos can bring you that. That comes... Thro’ self-effort! Thro’ learning “by actually doing” — and not “by pretending to do.” And Prof. Kev Nair’s Fluentzy® books help you do just that!

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