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Book 1: Idea Units & Fluency Book 2: Speech Generation & Flow Production Book 3: Teaching your tongue & speech rhythm Book 4: Key speech-initiators & Speech-unit patterns Fluentzy Book 5 Fluentzy Book 6 Fluentzy Book 7 Fluentzy Book 8 Fluentzy Book 9 Fluentzy Book 10

Fluentzy Book 11 Fluentzy Book 12 Fluentzy Book 13 Fluentzy Book 14 Fluentzy Book 15 Fluentzy Book 16 Fluentzy Book 17 Fluentzy Book 18 Fluentzy Book 19 Fluentzy Book 20

• A set of 20 great Fluent-English self-study Books. • For in-depth English Fluency.™
• By Prof. Kev Nair, "the father of fluency development" - The New Indian Express.
• "World's first dedicated course in English fluency building" - THE TIMES OF INDIA.

Fluentzy® Book Set (Full set: 20 books) Ebook Version

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List of Titles

There are a total of 20 titles in this set of Ebooks. These are the ebook versions of a series of short books written by Prof. KevNair on how to build fluency in English. Here are the titles of these 20 self-study ebooks:

• B1: Idea units & Fluency. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-20-9)
• B2: Speech Generation & Flow Production. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-21-6)
• B3: Teaching your Tongue & Speech Rhythm. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-22-3)
• B4: Key Speech-initiators & Speech-unit Patterns. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-23-0)
• S1: Fluency in Functional English (Part 1). (ISBN: 978-93-81424-32-2)
• S2: Fluency in Functional English (Part 2). (ISBN: 978-93-81424-33-9)
• S3: Fluency in Telephone English and Sectoral English. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-34-6)
• B5: How to Deal with Hesitation. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-24-7)
• B6: Oral Training in Fluency Vocabulary (Part 1). (ISBN: 978-93-81424-25-4)
• B7: Packing of Information in Speech. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-26-1)
• B8: Impromptu Speech-flow Techniques. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-27-8)
• S4: Fluency Building and Mouth Gymnastics. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-35-3)
• S5: Fluency in speaking about people. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-36-0)
• B9: Fluency in Asking Questions. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-28-5)
• B10: Oral Training in Fluency Vocabulary (Part 2). (ISBN: 978-93-81424-29-2)
• B11: Fluency & Moment-to-Moment Speech-production. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-30-8)
• B12: Oral Training in Fluency Vocabulary (Part 3). (ISBN: 978-93-81424-31-5)
• S6: Fluency in Topicwise English (Part 1). (ISBN: 978-93-81424-37-7)
• S7: Fluency in Topicwise English (Part 2). (ISBN: 978-93-81424-39-1)
• S8: Fluency & Pronunciation. (ISBN: 978-93-81424-38-4)

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