Fluency nucleus, for true fluency

Just think! Suppose that a few people who are not fluent in English get together and start doing some kind of speech practice — in order to achieve fluency in English...

What kind of English will they be able to do the speech practice in? Only in broken English. Right? (Because they can’t speak fluent English!). And suppose they carry on with this kind of speech practice through broken English for 3 months or more... Won’t broken English become their habit? Rather than fluent English?

The real clue to your fluency problem: Inner = Outer

Now, are you under the impression that a teacher’s presence can improve the situation? Mind you, it can’t. Why?

Remember this: Mistakes of grammar, usage, vocabulary, etc. are all ‘externally noticeable mistakes’ — mistakes that a teacher will be able to notice and correct. But you know, ‘externally noticeable mistakes’ like these are not the real reason why you are not fluent. No. The real reason is this: Internal speech processing difficulties and internal speech composition problems. Mistakes, difficulties and problems that happen when your mind tries to compose speech before its delivery.

Mind you, a teacher or anyone else will not be able to notice these internal mistakes and problems... or the pre-delivery process. No, they can’t — because these things happen inside your mind.

And why do these internal mistakes and problems happen? Why? Because people who are not fluent do not really know how to process information in their mind. And how to formulate speech out of that information. And how to bring it up for delivery. That’s why.

Inexhaustible fluency source

Mind you, true fluency is not the speed of delivery of speech. No, it isn’t. It’s really the flow with which the things you want to deliver come out of your mind — in ‘readily deliverable’ speech units.

And true fluent English is not a terrible struggle: A sentence-based speech-production struggle. No, it isn’t. It’s something wholly different. Something whose mark is actually effortlessness. Fluent English is the ready flow of speech units: A steady stream of word clusters flowing out easily... From something called the fluency nucleus.

And what the self-study books in the Fluentzy series do is this: To help you do things, so the fluency nucleus starts growing inside you.

Once that happens, you’re on your way to achieving higher and higher levels of fluency. And from then on, even group speech practice and audio-video sessions can prove useful. But mind you, only from then on — and not till then.

Total wisdom of spoken English fluency

Prof. Kev Nair's fluent-English self-study books plant the fluency nucleus in you and help you achieve great spoken English fluency by doing two things:

1. Fluency-building wisdom. Prof. Nair's fluency-building books teach you the unique fluency-building knowledge on which true spoken English fluency is based.

2. English fluency techniques. They help you master the specialised techniques that will help you put the unique fluency knowledge into practice -- by speaking English only according to this knowledge in real-life situations.