Scanned image of an Article in The Hindu Education Plus about Prof. Kev Nair's English Fluency Books titled Highlights of an English Fluency Course

Fluency in English

Highlights of an English Fluency Course

Being able to say the right thing in the right context without hiccups is considered the hallmark of a good communicator.

Achieving fluency in spoken language is not always easy. People often find it difficult to express in fluent spoken English what they are able to in written English.


Many have come up with different methods to address this problem. Courses in spoken English are aplenty. But the prgramme in fluency devised by Prof. Kev Nair, a pioneer in the field, quite a detailed one.

- From an article published in THE HINDU Education Plus (See scanned copy above).

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How to pick up Fluency in English

"How to pick up fluency in English...
thro' self-study"

Dy: 1/8, Pages 40, PDF Format.

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